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Dark Vagina –Remedies To Make It Fair

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If you happen to peek between your legs, you might see what you are always used to seeing down there. However, some women might be in for a surprise when they take a look down there and see a color change around their vagina. If your vagina is dark, even though your complexion is fair, you are not alone. Read on below to find out why your vagina might be changing colors and what to do about it.

Every woman is different and unique in her own way and this includes the color of her vagina. While one of you may be asking “why is my vagina dark”, the other might be asking if her vagina is too light. The truth is that there is no right color for the vagina, if your vagina is dark, it is perfectly normal. In fact, most women have darker pubic regions as compared to the rest of their body parts. This means that it is normal to have a dark brown or purple vagina. As we women age, we change and these changes often lead to darkening of the skin down there. While you may feel troubled to have a darker vagina, do not be stressed, his private area will probably be way darker than yours. Pregnant women usually have increased pigmentation in their pubic area which causes skin darkening. Moreover, an active sex life also contributes to a darker vagina.

Although your dark vagina might not bother your man, you can still take the following measures to make it fairer if you wish. It may simply enhance your confidence and make you privately attractive. You can make your private parts fairer in the following ways:


  1. Yoghurt

Not only can yoghurt make your vagina smell good but applying it on the affected area with a few drops of lemon will make your vagina go light day by day.

  1. Calamansi

For those living in Philippines, this is something you can use instead of lemon juice. Calamansi is small fruit, rich in acidic properties that can lighten the dark private areas effectively. Rub it around your pubic region for 10 minutes and then rinse with cold water.

  1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes possess skin whitening properties, just like lemons. Add two drops of lemon juice in tomato puree and apply it on your vagina and let it sit for 20 minutes before washing.

  1. Lemons/ Oranges

Lemons and oranges are known for their skin bleaching ability. You can either squeeze the juice out or rub them directly on to your dark vagina. Apply the juice daily for 15 to 20 minutes for fast results.


Your vagina is the most sensitive and delicate part of your body. Naturally, the vagina appears to be darker; however, it is almost every woman’s dream to have a pink vagina. With the help of these remedies and good hygiene you can whiten your vagina naturally at home without the use of any chemicals or skin products and also improve its overall health. So all of you can smile now as the headache of having a dark vagina will be gone for good!

Writing Credits: StagHorn

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