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5 Ways to Keep Your Vagina Happy

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‘Your vagina really wants you to read this’

You may think that you know everything about how to keep your private part happy and clean, however, you could be wrong. When was the last time you thought your lady part was happy? With our daily ‘never ending’ to-do list, we often fail to give our vagina the attention she deserves. Pain, discomfort, itching, bad odor and burning are some of your vagina’s way to inform you that she is not happy.  The good news is, no matter what age, it is never too late to start taking care of your vagina and keeping it clean and happy. Allow us to enlighten you with these 5 ways to keep your vagina happy:


  1. Exercise!

Kegels are easy to do exercises that you can do just about anywhere and anytime in order to strengthen your vaginal muscles. Keeping your vaginal muscles strong will allow your vagina to stay happy and enjoy intercourse more.

  1. Go Commando or Wear Cotton Underwear!

When it is about what underwear you should wear, think about your vaginal preference. Our lady part cherishes cotton underwear, then why not give it? Cotton underwear allows your vagina to breathe easily and also absorbs any moisture produced. Moreover, if you have nothing to do at home or you’re enjoying a perfect Sunday at home by just laying around, make sure you go commando to let your lady part feel free and enjoy too!

  1. Do not use scented soaps!

Your vagina is similar to a sensitive flower, therefore, scented soaps will damage the sensitive skin and dry out and cause irritation on the inner and outer labia as well as on the entrance of your vagina. Warm water and unscented products are ideal for your lady part. Offer your vulva a ‘facial’. Massage the opening of your vagina with warm coconut oil (organic) every time you pee or take a shower. This will allow your vaginal lips to stay subtle and soft.

  1. Shave them off!

Shaving your pubic hair is critical and should be done at least every two or three weeks as the growth of hair in your private area contributes to the growth of bacteria that can cause irritation and infections. So ladies, take out your razors and shave them off because the smoother the vagina, the happier it will be!

  1. Use lubricants before intercourse!

When you finally decide to hit the sheets for the first time or you’re having sex after a while on birth control pill, it is important that you use lubricants. Vaginal dryness should not be ignored and can be caused due to a number of reasons such as menopause, medication and post-pregnancy. Having sex without the use of lubricants can be painful and not good at all for sex either. Therefore, take a moment out and use a good lubricant on your vagina to keep it smooth and full of pleasure!


Remember these are just some ways you can keep your vagina happy but not the only ones. Eating healthy, taking care of your vaginal health and hygiene are some other ways to ensure your vagina is doing great. Your vagina enjoys the attention you give her and therefore knowing what makes her happy is very important, because if she isn’t happy then no one is!


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