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Live Clean and Strong

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Believe it or not, your body is already ideally set to maintain the balance of freshness in both, the regular and the discharging days. For reasons more than one, most women experience discomforts and disturbing sensations – it just doesn’t feel right down there. The squirming and distress aside, this isn’t that big of a deal to lose it all over; there is a chance it could be an infection caused by bacteria, yeast or parasite and there is even better chance that it would all stop soon enough. Vaginitis – the inflammation of vagina in women, is the name of the commonest culprit killing your comfort. Vaginitis infection can even lead to pelvic inflammatory disease or endometritis, therefore it is necessary to eradicate the condition as soon as you get a hold on it.

Apart from being highly inaccurate, it is not that easy to figure out what’s causing that irritation by yourself. Where the strong recommendation to visit your doctor remains in all circumstances, we will discuss the types of vaginitis and the common symptoms that are onset in every patient, and some of the reliable tips to bar the condition as it is.

A very common condition causing itching, discharge and pain, Vaginitis is of four different types;

  • Bacterial Vaginosis: This is caused by overgrowth of the several organisms inhabiting the vagina, which keeps the conditions standard and optimum for ideal working.
  • Yeast Infection: It is caused by commonly occurring fungus, Candida albicans.
  • Trichomoniasis: This is caused by a parasite transmitted during sexual intercourse.
  • Vaginal Atrophy: Reduced levels of estrogen in blood after menopauses becomes the cause.

The treatment of this condition varies with the type of vaginitis you have been inflicted with, where the common signs and symptoms include pain during urination, during intercourse, light vaginal bleeding or spotting and itching or irritation, as well change in color, odor and amount of your discharge.

Keeping your body clean is essential to boost your health and mood. Establish that sparkle creating your aura by following effective personal hygiene tips to shine out in every crowd – you are, after all, young and made to fascinate!

  • The natural discharge and oils of your vagina are sufficient to keep their balance as it is – organisms inhabiting and vaginal natural discharge are a part of your body’s self-cleaning process. Do NOT attempt to use soaps to clean the insides – it may destroy the natural barriers gifted to you and will make you vulnerable to infections.
  • Every human has its own personal scent, which the deodorants and body sprays can’t make go away. These scents are not detectable by other people around you, but if you feel your scent has become abnormally strong or fishy in nature, it is advised to visit your doctor.
  • During menstruation, many women go after douches for cleaning purposes. This causes debris and bacteria to enter in your reproductive track and disrupt the environment there – avoid vaginal douches for cleaning or scenting; it’s better to bear than pay for something bigger.
  • Since your body is timed to make secretions for its self-cleaning, make sure the clothes you wear allow free air-flow to evaporate your secretions. Exceptionally tight underpants for a long period of time may cause bacteria and fungus to grow in the dark and moist environment.

And importantly, use feminine hygiene care products to keep your reproductive track healthy at all costs. For purposes like this, feminine hygiene care products have become popular amongst women. However, do make sure the product you are taking under use does not include chemicals for it may cause disturbances in the optimum conditions your body is set to work at, particularly the acidity level.

Our human body is delicate to say the least – however flesh you have to show on the outside, the interior environment is always as sensitive as ever. For all women out there; keep some handy tips at your fingertips to stay healthy and strong on either sides!


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